Are you looking for a Special Award?

Plaques, Awards, and Trophies are the perfect way to show appreciation. Letting someone know they are appreciated is crucial to building good relationships. M.S Brown Jewelers specializes in corporate plaques and special occasion awards to offer every type of awards event. Let our trained staff assist you in selecting and inscribing plaques or trophies for those most deserving recipients of your organization. We have a large selection in stock and we can custom engrave any award to fit your needs. Visit our local neighborhood store right here at M.S. Brown Jewelers for expert award advice and assistance today.

Awards for Every Occasion

  • Corporate
  • Commencement
  • Graduation
  • Sports

Plaques, Awards, and Trophies are available for every occasion! Have one of our experts help you with your next event. Contact us today at 609-522-7604


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